About Us

Grace1Grace Johnsonpotter

Has created a tender drama that speaks directly to the heart. She combines her skills as a potter and a storyteller to show how God has molded us, each His unique creation. Her potter’s wheel has become a means to share God’s own work in her life and she will take you on a journey to the heart of God. You will be shown the unconditional and extraordinary love that God has for you. Grace’s ministry will help you see yourself as God sees you and move you to become the vessel you were meant to be. Through years of religious striving in a dying marriage, Jesus Christ brought freedom and healing to her life of self-hate, eating disorders, rejection and chronic health problems. Grace is a new creation, deeply cherished by her Maker. Her message comes from the Potter’s heart.





Bert1Bert Johnson

Poet, songwriter, artist, father of six, turkey farmer,  husband to Grace, seeker of God. Living his whole life in southern California, Bert had it all, but really had nothing. In 1997 God moved Bert and his family to West Central Minnesota where He healed his marriage, delivered him from an addiction to alcohol, and restored his gifts of poetry, songwriting, and art..