What People Say


What People are Saying About The Potter's Heart

  • "It was like Jesus coming straight to me, me-the average one! He spoke straight into my heart and soul. The God of the universe has a place in His heart that only I can fill! His love, and acceptance and adoration of me poured into my soul. It was life changing. Words cannot describe it."
    Mary Jo Higgins, Oakdale, Mn.
  • "It was incredible."
    John Chapin, Willmar, Mn.
  • "Your anointing changed my life."
    Mara Sorenson, Lake City, Mn.
Gemma Hecker, Moose Lake, Mn.
"I could barely take it all in. God gave us a feast of love through you."
Dave Gravgaard, Vacaville, Ca.
"I got choked up. I found myself reflecting and I laughed a lot. It was amazing."
David - age 6, St. Paul, Mn.
"God said that I'm perfect. He really likes me."
Jean Harris, Rochester, Mn.
"Every time I remember you standing on stage with outstretched hands, I see the face of Jesus."